Labour Leadership Race: 6 Key Failings of Corbyn’s Opponents

This was orginally published on NovaraMedia

The Labour leadership election is effectively over. Despite his opponents throwing everything they have at him, Jeremy Corbyn is sure to be re-elected, and probably with an increased majority. Had all Labour party members had a vote, this majority would no doubt have been more overwhelming still.

On their own terms, this is an astonishing defeat for the Corbyn-sceptic camp. They argue that Corbyn’s greatest weakness is his inability to win an election. But when they call a leadership election, pitting him against their chosen candidate and under election rules of their own choosing, they still manage to lose. A defeat under these conditions demonstrates that they are completely unequipped to take on the political challenges that face them. Continue reading


‘We are socialists, they are social democrats’: An Interview with Austria’s Socialist Youth

This was orginally published on NovaraMedia

Socialist Youth Austria (Sozialistische Jugend Österreich or SJÖ) is a youth wing of the Social Democratic party (Sozialdemokratische Partei Österreichs or SPÖ), which currently governs Austria in coalition with the Conservative party (Österreichische Volkspartei).

Unlike youth wings in the UK, such as Young Labour and the Young Greens, the Socialist Youth Austria is legally separate and autonomous from its mother party, but with a strong relationship to it. Socialist Youth Austria is a Marxist organisation.

James McAsh interviewed the national chair, Julia Herr (pictured), for Novara Media. Continue reading