‘A death toll for Blairite strategy’: Labour’s Leadership Contest So Far

This was orginally published on NovaraMedia

After weeks of hand wringing by sections of the parliamentary Labour party we now have a leadership election. This has forced the rebels to select a candidate and to articulate a vision. It has also encouraged the Jeremy Corbyn campaign to clarify and refine its plans for the country. Now that we’ve seen two sets of policy pledges and a couple of hustings, we can begin to compare the candidates. So far I can see three clear dividing lines relating to strategy. Continue reading


Labour needs a programme of political education

This was orginally published on OpenDemocracy

The Labour party membership has grown hugely. To mobilise this membership, it needs to invest in educating it.

This week, Owen Jones published a blog, ‘Questions all Jeremy Corbyn supporters need to answer’, which has caused a stir on the left. His ninth question was about how the mass membership of Corbyn’s Labour can translate into votes. Here is one possible answer.  Continue reading