Progressive elected officers should defend public services, not administer their destruction

You don’t have to look far to see the harsh impact of Tory cuts. Every day it seems there is a tragedy reported in the news: a woman committing suicide because she couldn’t find the £20 a week she needed to pay the Bedroom Tax; or hundreds of food banks springing up across the country. And while the cuts are hitting everyone (apart from the super-rich), the worst is being felt by the already most disadvantaged in society, disabled people and women in abusive relationships for instance.

But just when it feels like all politicians are out to destroy the support services we need most, one recent development restores faith in elected official. Councillors Against the Cuts is an inspirational group founded earlier this year by councillors, primarily but not exclusively Labour, who have committed to vote against passing on Tory cuts. They rightly argue that their role as councillors is not to administer austerity but to join with their local communities in fighting back. Continue reading


Pints and placards – the role of commercial services in a students’ union.

The subject of the role of commercial services in politicised students unions has come up in conversation a lot recently. I think it’s a genuinely interesting and  useful topic of discussion so I’ve written my thoughts. Please do leave a comment with yours!

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