But what have Max Crema and James McAsh ever done for us?!

This was originally a Facebook note 

Does it even matter is Max and James are sacked? What have they even done for Edinburgh students?

Quite a lot actually.

This year, working in EUSA alongside great volunteers and fantastic staff, Max Crema and James McAsh have done the following:

– The University has committed to a massive increase in student accommodation: 2000 additional beds over the next few years.

– Rent increases next year will be below inflation, despite skyrocketing rent elsewhere in the city.

– They ran a UK-leading campaign to fix fees for international students which has been recognised nationally and commended in the Scottish Parliament.

– They pressured the University into extending the lease on the Bongo Club, giving the club enough time to find a new space – which they did.

– They quadrupled funding for liberation campaigns, representing those who are historically oppressed and under-represented.

– They lobbied for and secured a sector wide procurement code of conduct, which is world-leading in its commitment to improving workers’ lives.

– They won a commitment to ethical investment in the University’s strategic plan which led the Uni to sign up to the UN Principles of Responsibile Investment

– They doubled funding allocated to campaigning

– They fought for, and won, a massive increase in bursary provision for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

– They removed the rule that allowed students to spend up to £100 on their election campaigns, making a leveller playing field for all.

– They appointed three highly experienced external trustees to provide a layer of stability to the organisation

– They created the first ever opportunity for all students to directly meet the University Principal and ask him questions.

– They organised a high profile Defend Education campaign which took more students down to the National Demo than any other union in Scotland, and more than most in England too!

– They negotiated with the university to include EUSA in its long term estates plan which will make it significantly easier for us to get building development funding

– They set up a Teviot Art Committee to showcase the fantastic work of the student body

– They developed our commercial governance structures to give students more control over what their union is doing

– They switched our retail wholesaler to the cheaper and more ethical Co-operative

– They got Nightline a new home

– Created a pool and games room in Teviot

– Secured funding from the university to allow eusa to compost all its food waste

– Made Teviot more physically accessible

– Got water fountains in ECA

– Ensured the continuation of the ECA Sculpture Party and the Revel

– Secured a permanent space for the food coop

In the time between now and the end of their terms  Max Crema and James McAsh are going to focus on:

– Strengthening the University’s commitment to ethical investment – prioritising ending their shameful investment in the arms trade.

– Rolling out a democracy review to look at where our democratic structures fall down, and implement a package of reforms to get them up and running smoothly by next academic year.

– Campaign on the abhorrent pay and working conditions of many postgraduates who teach.

– Recruit a new Chief Executive for the organisation.

– Work to sucessfully conclude ongoing negotiations with the university which would see a significant amount of money being put towards improving EUSA’s society space

– Re-open Pleasance during the day

If either Max Crema or James McAsh are sacked these things will either not happen, or other people will have to neglect parts of their job to do these things instead.

Max and James have worked tirelessly all year for the benefit of Edinburgh students. Don’t allow a vocal minority who disagree with them politically to kick them out for standing up for what they believe in.


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