What is EUSA?

This was originally published in The Student on 25th September.

During Freshers Week I overheard someone ask what EUSA is. The answer given back was that they’re the people who run Teviot and Potterrow. This is of course true; EUSA does run Teviot and Potterrow, along with KB House, Pleasance and various other outlets. However, it’s a very narrow understanding of a students’ association to define it by its buildings alone – there’s something far more important and exciting going on.

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Why Elections Matter

This was originally published in The Student on 18th September


Election season is upon us. It feels like no time at all since I was putting up posters, making lecture announcements and knocking on doors – but already we’re here again. By this point I know some people will already be screaming at the page: “our beautiful campus will be sullied by these ugly posters”, “our lectures are going to be interrupted by aspiring politicians talking about their half-baked ideas” and “for two weeks I won’t be able to get away from it all!”.


But I’m dead excited. For the first time in three years I won’t be running but I’m still really looking forward to it. This is because elections are the one time when absolutely everyone is reminded of the beating democratic heart that fills the campus with visions of progress and fairness.

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